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The CG Series is suitable for smaller batches or OEM applications. A heavy duty sealed ball bearing absorbs shaft deflection loads and provides extended mixer service.

These mixers are recommended for blending in 50 to 1,000 gallon tanks and applications for moderate flow rates or blending light to medium viscosity liquids.

The cast iron housed, rugged, high-efficiency helical gear reducer is mainenance free and sealed for life.

Timken tapered roller bearings are used throughout the gearbox and are rated up to 100,000 hours of L-life. Designed-in end play assures correct pre-load. Oversized bearings are designed to carry process overloads under combined radial and axial loads.

Motors: Close-coupled chemical duty with 1.15 service factor and minimum Class B insulation. Motors are standard NEMA frame C-flange mounted with no alignment necessary. Options include air, DC, severe duty, explosion proof and high efficiency. Output speeds range from 233 to 350 RPM. Standard Baldor motors are supplied allowing off-the-shelf replacement.

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Name Imp. HP Weight Dia. Price
CG-1 1 0.25 hp 50 lbs 10" $1,680 Sign in to order
CG-2 1 0.33 hp 53 lbs 11" $1,769 Sign in to order
CG-3 1 0.50 hp 57 lbs 12" $2,179 Sign in to order
CG-1 2 0.25 hp 50 lbs 9" $1,859 Sign in to order
CG-2 2 0.25 hp 53 lbs 10" $1,948 Sign in to order
CG-3 2 0.50 hp 57 lbs 11" $2,389 Sign in to order
CAG-3 1 0.50 hp 42 lbs 12" $2,174 Sign in to order
CAG-3 2 0.50 hp 42 lbs 11" $2,384 Sign in to order

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