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Cleveland Mixer’s A series turbine agitators are designed for the most rigorous and severe of mixing applications. From chemical formulations to high pressure/temperature reactions, solids suspension applications in the mining fields to the pulp/paper industry; the A series product family has design features to ensure very long service life and low operating costs.

Featuring Cleveland Mixer’s drywell construction, A series mixers are also truly optimized to pro- vide bearing support for long, cantilevered impeller shafts and large diameter, high thrust impellers.

Gear reducer features a drywell design that extends through the gear hub and is always above the lubricant level.

Gearing is single or double reduction worm/helical worm design. Precisely hobbed and machined for optimized gear mesh, reduced vibration and quiet, trouble free operation.

Broad range of engineered impellers from high efficiency hydrofoils to moderate level shearing impellers. Wetted materials of construction such as 316L, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Monel, and Titanium are available. Coated impeller assemblies such as PVDF, PFA and Rubber are also available.

Vapor and fluid seals rated from full vacuum to 200 psig, 400F. Lip seals, stuffing box or packing seals along with single and double mechanical seals are selected according to your process needs.

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