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» APD Drawing

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Featuring a 98% efficient parallel shaft helical gear reducer, Cleveland Mixer’s APD series mixers are based upon a rigid, single piece, cast iron gear reducer housing with a bearing isolation system for increased impeller shaft holding strength, reduced operating vibration
and increased system durability.

With a torque capacity starting at 400 inch pounds and extending to 175,000 inch pounds, the APD series consists of nine different models each offering excellent
power density and overall value to OEM and end users of low speed, high torque industrial agitators.

Effective drywell and spread output bearing design prevents oil leakage into process media.

Near Silent Operation from high efficiency, drywell equipped double or triple reduction helical gear reducer. Single piece, cast iron construction eliminates potential leak paths. Oversized bearings over superior support for long, cantilevered impeller shafts.

As with all Cleveland Mixers, you receive superior application engineering. The mixer you receive meets your process goals with industry leading durability and competitive cost. We guarantee it.