The BHD top entry mixer from Cleveland is de- signed precisely to integrate with your process vessel. Its fabricated, rigid gear reducer casting, mammoth Timken bearings and steel base plate eliminate the risks of excessive vibration, torsional frequency and poor mechanical reliability.

The BHD series has literally thousands of successful applications under its belt from atmospheric, 750,000 gallon waste water tanks to 1,000 psi fermenters. Since 1975, this model series has proven itself in the most demanding and critical chemical processes.

Mechanical seals from Flow Serve, John Crane and FlexAseal are available. Flange mounting up to 36” 300# class, is available.

Effective drywell and spread output bearing design prevents oil leakage into process media.

The BHD bevel, helical gear reducer is 95+% efficient and is offered in a broad range of sizes and output speeds. The gearing is rated beyond AGMA 6010 standards for low noise, high durability and high shock load capacity.

Impellers designed per your applications. High efficiency XTF-3 hydrofoils, modified axial flow turbines, high thrust and radial flow impellers are all available in 300 series stainless, high nickel alloys and exotic alloy construction.

As always, Cleveland Mixer guarantees your product for 3 years and offers a full process warranty.