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The FRG and FRH model series from Cleveland Mixer is a venerable and rugged agitator design that is suitable for mixing applications from 500 to 5,000 gallons.

The product series is easily adapted across a host of different industrial mixing processes and environments by virtue of its broad selection of horsepower, output speeds and impeller configurations. Durability is assured through the use of heavy duty, oversized Timken tapered roller bearings, AGMA 10 helical gearing and rigid shaft couplings.

For OEM and end users alike, Cleveland Mixer’s FRG / FRH series is an optimal choice.

Oversized, high quality Timken tapered roller bearings for superior impeller shaft support, low vibration level and strength for long, overhung impeller shafts. Reliable rigid and/or removable shaft couplings for ease of installation and start up.

Broad range of optional impellers, wetted materials of construction such as Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Monel, and Titanium. Coated impeller assemblies such as PVDF, PFA and Rubber are also available.

AGMA 10 helical gearing for high efficiency and long service life. Minimum mechanical service factor is 1.50 on highest horsepower models.

Direct Purchase

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Name Imp. HP Weight Dia. Price
FRAG-3C 1 0.50 hp 75 lbs 12" $4,075 Sign in to order
FRAG-5C 1 1.0 hp 85 lbs 14" $4,726 Sign in to order
FRAG-7C 1 2.0 hp 90 lbs 16" $5,400 Sign in to order
FRAG-3C 2 0.50 hp 75 lbs 10" $4,315 Sign in to order
FRAG-5C 2 1.0 hp 80 lbs 12" $5,006 Sign in to order
FRAG-7C 2 2.0 hp 90 lbs 14" $5,714 Sign in to order