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Cleveland Mixer Xtraflo™ (XT) Mixers are optimally designed with performance and lifespan in mind. In addition to offering one of the most compact drive packages available in slow speed mixers, they feature drywell construction—a hallmark of Cleveland Mixer’s commitment to engineering integrity.

Xtraflo™ is an ideal choice for applications beyond the capacity of portable mixers, either because of volume or tank depth. Cleveland’s Mixer’s Xtraflo™ series is available in speed ranges from 20 to 350 RPM, and for both open and closed tank designs.

An internal dam in the gear reducer prevents oil leakage at the output shaft eliminating any potential contamination of your process.

Timken tapered roller bearings are used throughout the gearbox and are rated up to 100,000 hours of L-life. Designed-in end play assures correct pre-load. Oversized bearings are designed to carry process overloads under combined radial and axial loads.

Provides maximum protection for drive bearings and gears while eliminating the need for expensive removable couplings.

Single reduction worm gear, with a broad range of gear ratios, offers optimal mixer selection, superior shock load capacity, good efficiency and very high service factors. Mixing performance and long term durability are assured.