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Ideal for industrial waste treatment, biofuels, chemical and petro-chemical, as well as pulp and paper production, our Parallel Shaft Mixers offer unmatched system rigidity, vibration isolation, and bearing life (over 100,000 hours).

Cleveland’s Parallel Shaft Mixers boast AGMA mixer shaft output speeds from 37 to 350 RPM using conventional 1750 and 1170 RPM motor speeds. And all with one of the best long-term ROI’s available on today’s market.

High-capacity, spherical-roller, mixer shaft bearing isolates impeller loads from gearing and provides a high moment capacity. Tapered roller bearings accept high thrust loads in either direction. Bearing life rated at over 100,00 hours.

Process related choice of impellers, including one of the highest efficiency hydrofoils on the market. Modified designs of standard options are offered along with radial and conventional axial configurations.