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» O+M Manual

Wide variety of C-face mounted motors facilitate maintenance and installation.

Severe Duty, Premium Efficient, Inverter Duty motors are standard. Hazardous and washdown duty motors available.

Ultra Quiet Performance and a 95% efficiency rating.

Gearing is rated at AGMA Class 13 with a minimum hardness of 58 Rockwell C.

AGMA Service Class III: Minimum 2.00 service factor on mechanical input horsepower.

Gear Reducers feature drywell construction that are virtually 100% leak proof and furnished with food grade synthetic lubrication.

AGMA output speeds range from 20 to 233 RPM.

316SS is standard specification for shafts and impellers. Hastelloy, Monel, Alloy20 and other alloys also available.

Minimum 4.0 Service Factor for impeller shafts for superior durability.

15-32RA finish on shafts and propellers, electropolish available.