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The Cleveland Mixer Sidewinder / SGCD series features a high efficiency (up to 95%) gear reducer. While most mixing can easily overload ordinary, commercial gear reducers, the SGCD’s ultra-rigid, single piece, high density, cast iron housing creates a foundation for bearing strength and a long life of trouble free service. All selections are rated for AGMA Class III conditions — continuous 24/7 operation under extreme shock loading.

Easy access to gearbox fixation points helps to reduce assembly and installation time thereby reducing installation and maintenance costs. Oversized gussets at each bearing location along with oversized bearings enable the Sidewinder / SGCD to bear the high bending and torque loads
that are typical with most side entry mixing applications.

The product range is from 3HP to 25 HP with output shaft diameters from 1.25 to 3.00 inches. Mixing volumes up to 1,000,000 gallons can be handled with generous design
margins — all in a compact and efficient package. The product line has nine different sizes which offer B10 bearing lives in excess of 50,000 hours as a minimum.

Long intervals between oil changes and the 2-stage gearbox concept reduces maintenance costs and the need for a large stock of spare parts.

The Sidewinder / SGCD series also offers a unique bearing and shaft support pedestal that allows the impeller shaft to remain in place while the gear reducer and/or seal is removed from service for overhaul.

The SGCD side entry mixer is designed per your application demands. Like our other side entry agitators, we back our products with a 3 year mechanical warranty and a process guarantee.