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How Do I Install My Impellers?

April 6, 2017

The single most common question we get at Cleveland Mixer is “how do I install my impellers?” This newsletter is aimed at guiding customers through that process.

Cleveland Mixer’s XTF-3R’s are axial thrust hydrofoil impellers. These impellers are typically designed to rotate clockwise, with downward pumping from vertical shaft mixers ( outward from horizontal shaft mixers). The flow pattern created by XTF-3R impellers resembles a helix.

The TOP ENTRY mounted mixer orientation (Below), has a vertical shaft that extends down into the tank. The impeller hub will typically bolt on the shaft with a set screw w/ a keyed, set screw connection.

To assemble (Below): Slide the hub up over the key slot, insert the key with the hook end down, lower the hub down onto the key and tighten the set screw (use torque values given in the mixer manual provided with your mixer). Use thread locking compound to ensure the set screw stays tight during operation.

Make sure that the side of the hub marked “TOP” is up towards the mixer (Below). The blades then bolt to the bottom of the hub ears, towards the bottom of the tank. Blade bolts also require torqueing and thread locking compound for balance and security. Some blades require stabilizer fins, these fins should always be down.

For SIDE ENTRY mounted mixers with horizontal shafts (Below), follow the same assembly procedure but with the blades out, the impeller will pump away from the mixer out into the tank.

Failing to assemble the impeller(s) correctly, in the correct orientation can result in extensive damage to the mixer. Double check your assembly for accuracy before filling the tank with fluid. Once the tank is filled, it can be very difficult and costly to correct installation errors.


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