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New Cleveland Mixer Xtra-Flo Lite for Tote Tanks

January 3, 2017

The new Cleveland Mixer Xtra-Flo Lite, IBC Tote Tank Mixer is lightweight and versatile. It is available for 275 up to 550 gallon tote tanks, and from 1/2hp to 3hp depending on application requirements.

The lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum alloy mounting frame replaces the steel frame of the old BC Series Tote Mixers. The frame for the Xtra-Flo Lite is supplied with forklift hoods for ease of installation and
J Hooks which clamp the mixer to a standard IBC Tote frame.

Single phase electric motors are supplied with a 10 ft. line cord and an on/off toggle switch. Air powered motors are supplied with a needle valve to regulate air flow. Gear driven units are supplied with axial folding impellers and can be used in applications up to 10,000 cps.

The new lightweight design of the Xtra-Flo Lite is sturdy enough to handle industrial environments while being user friendly for ease of operation. The Xtra-Flo Lite performed well under Cleveland Mixer’s rigorous testing and is now a hit out in the field.


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